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Osprey - The Hawk of the Sea

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Osprey - The Hawk of the Sea

The Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) can be a nuisance in the city for nesting in Power Poles or tall Cellular towers. This beautiful bird of prey is in the raptor family and is highly adaptable to habitats that have a nearby body of water with fish. Also known as the Sea Hawk or the fish Eagle, this large raptor can reach up to 24 inches in length with an impressive six foot wingspan. This extra wingspan is essential for carrying their prey back to the nest. Unlike other raptors, the Osprey has four equal toes with the outside one being “reversible” to allow the Osprey to seize his prey with two toes opposable both front and back!

When an Osprey is hunting for food, it hovers 30 or more feet above the marsh, lake, or sea until it spots its prey with its keene eyesight! Then it pulls its wings in to a partial span, allowing him to drop with great speed. He has his talons out as he plunges into the water submerging himself and hopefully coming up with a fish. The Osprey feathers are firm and dense thus sealing off the water allowing it to roll off. He is able to fly immediately without being heavy with wet plumage. Despite being adept in the water, Osprey cannot swim and have been known to drown if they had set their sights on a fish that was too large for